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First Step to Drawing Your Very Own Manga Character!

PaperDiaries Has Moved!

All drawing tutorials can be found here:

Rookie’s Guide to Drawing a Male Manga Character

How to draw a full body for manga characters

Guide to Japanese Text Emoticons and Chibi Facial Expressions!

Drawing Facial Expressions for Your Manga Character!

First Step to Drawing Your Very Own Manga Character!


44 Responses

  1. Wow you have wonderful and gifted hands. Wish I can draw as beautiful as you can. Plus, I love your name. Reminds me of someone. n_n
    Keep it up. n_n

  2. […] guide on how to draw men .. some other time. (Laughs) The tutorial is posted in my blog –> Click here Don’t worry, it’s not one of those porn sites where they scam you etc. Sheep is a decent person. […]

  3. Thanks Mithfalath

    Wishing will not help you to draw beautifully. You have to learn and take the initiative to draw.

    That’s why I come up with this tutorial to help beginners in their first step to drawing manga.

    Well, thanks for dropping by. Good luck to you! (^-^)v

  4. i like the completed pic XD very nice ^^ i can never do expressions well ehheeeh XD i need to figure on what to draw for the tutorial

  5. i wont be able to make a video for doing my tutorial T.T i dont know how to do it eeekkk

  6. I Must say .. the Video is very convenient !


  7. Sheep is a big-walking failure. (;__; )

    (Hangs self)

  8. Hehehe … thanks for doing the tutorial wor !

    Must be hard for u … I”ll try to appreciate ur work …

    *Gets to work and draw*

  9. you aint a walking failure o.o *pinch* there you’re alive !

  10. Dear Pixy

    It’s not a problem. I enjoyed doing this tutorial.

    I look forward to viewing your art! Only then, I can determine whether this tutorial is effective for beginners.

    If you need any help, you know where to find me. (Laughs)

    Take your time, okee?

    Dear Mira

    I received some feedbacks in 2 forums. Apparently, in their point of view — my drawing is stiff and the facial expression is way off.

    I try to figure it out but yet to see the flaws they speak of.

    Call me cocky or arrogant — I like my drawing and I say it’s better than most. (Laughs)

  11. Aya,

    Too bad I dunno where to find u … ur ‘stealthy’ flame tank hard to detect XD …

    Joking … I’ll find a way don’t worry …

    yeah, i need some time … need to work, and now holiday … my mom force me to do some reading …

    Gaaarrrhhh … u know I hate reading … and had an argument …

    I’ll see later then …

  12. Take your time, Pixy~

    You hate reading? Doesn’t that mean you hate reading this blog too? Its filled with words, you know. (Laughs)

    Your mum is right. You should do some reading.

    I notice that your blog is written with new and proper words. I believe movies has helped you to write better.

    Also, I believe that by reading blogs, you have improved!

    So don’t you want to keep this up? (Laughs)

  13. Yeah, but not all kind of books I like to read …

    Depends … Those motivation books or strategy, is not I hate them, I just hardly understand the meaning …

    I just bought a fiction book today … later then …

    *goes to read*

  14. Hello Aya!
    After I read you blog, I think you are very lovely and funny and I can’t understand how can you be alone as you say. To be honest I will like to talk more with you, about anythink and maybe become friends..we have some things in common…I also want bigger boobs :))
    I’m from Romania, Europe, aprox. 10.000 km from you, I work as a graphic designer, I also learn to draw manga character, I liked your tutorial. 🙂 and I speak a bad english 😛
    I will wait your answer to my mail, if you want to share ideas and storys. 🙂

  15. Dear Pixy

    Right… Remember to do your drawing!

    I want to be sure that my tutorial is effective for beginners. In other words, you’re my guinea pig here, Pixy!

    Dear Pufa

    Thanks. I’m.. flattered again. (Laughs nervously) lll(^x^)/

    I don’t mind talking with you just about anything. It would be nice if I can learn something about Romania’s culture. Europe is a beautiful country with lots of country areas, am I right? -I’m sure there are lots of folklores there!-

    So you’re working as a graphic designer? That’s interesting. What kind of art do you design?

    Either one, I’m glad to know that you’re into art and manga. (also someone who wants BIGGER BOOBS just like me and Mira)

    And as you were saying.. You speak bad English?

    As far as I can tell right now, it’s perfectly fine. (^v^)/

    So no worries. My English isn’t exactly fluent too.

    You know what, if you have a blog — you can leave your link here.

    I’ll be happy to check it out. (^w^)/

  16. Hello again,

    I’m a graphic designer in advertising, but right now I’m working as a graphic designer for software application. My experience in this domain it isn’t very vast, but I’m working to do better 🙂 I continually learning, and trying to improve my work. Unfortunately I don’t have a blog . 😦
    About Europe…it is an entire continent with over 60 countrys and is second after Asia as population number, and Romania is a country in Eastern Europe and it is very beautiful with magnificently landscapes. If you want i can send you pictures 🙂 Romania culture is vary intresting…i would like to tell you more…just ask. Also I’m very curious about your culture too. We can easily talk more on yahoo messenger if you are ok with this idea :). My ID is cristina_e_m

  17. guinea pig … sheesh … see 1st … I have a book to read … U don’t have other guinea pigs ?

  18. Dear Pufa,

    Sorry, I’m not into chatting on messenger (personally, I feel its annoying) and besides, I’m not a yahoo user.

    In advertising huh? Are you working base on freelance or what?

    I like European countries but never have the chance to visit. Though I visited UK once..

    How do I begin sharing about my country? Let’s just say, I’m not fond of my country and probably what I’m going to tell you is hideous and unpleasant. (Laughs)


    Dear Pixy

    Sad to say, I don’t have other guinea pigs..

  19. This is very funny … I really don’t like my country neither. It is a beautiful country but the people who lives in it…bleah…they ruine it…. The country have mountains, see…and is very rich in landscape, but the people destroy everything :(. I really hate my town…it is the uglyest from whole country. I live in Bucharest. It is the capital and I can tell you more hideaus and unpleasant things. I allways wished to live some another place. I like very much country like Germany, France… in fact a like all the country from Central Europe. Where do you live? What is the name of your town…and what hour is there 🙂 Perhaps it is very late right now. Here is 5:02 PM and I’m writing you from work. At 6 a clock I will finish and i will start my weekend 🙂 (uraaaaa). I’m very glad that I can talk to you…and i want to tell that i have the same curiosity as you… I allways wander what kind of people lives in the house i’m passing by.
    About of my job… I work at a company which create software for mobile phones… and i make the designs for these. It is a new job and i like it. You? Are you still at school or are you working. What do you do?
    Do you have brothers or sisters?
    If you want i can send you pictures with me to see with who you are talking to. I’ve seen you and is fair to see me too 🙂
    I hope i’m not bothering you…

  20. (@_@) Beep, beep — Incoming message!

  21. wow… you also have gifted hands… i hope you do more!! >.< btw do you also have a tut for creating manga using photoshop? because im bad at using a mouse… 😛

  22. I’m sorry, Pao… I don’t have tutorials on creating manga using Photoshop.

    I’m more into hand drawing rather than computer graphics.

    But thanks for viewing this tutorial and for the compliments.

    If you want to learn coloring using Photoshop, then please check Mira’s tutorials. (Just click the ‘Photoshop tutorials’ category on the left side of this blog.

    Oh, she doesn’t use mouse by the way.. I’m so sorry.

  23. Nice blog, I can see you put a lot of work and practice into this. Just stumble upon your blog so I decide to stop by and say hi.
    I am an artist working for Video Game company.
    It’s great to see people blogging about this, keep it up and keep practicing.
    Photoshop won’t be any good without a good solid traditional skill foundation. Keep drawing…if you can draw, understand value, and how color works together…you will be fine.
    I love drawing with pencil more also.

    So long,

  24. Thanks Mr. — Xia, correct? (Laughs)

    I visited your web site and its very resourceful for artists so if you don’t mind — I’m going to link Paper Diaries to yours.

    You’re right. Traditional hand drawn pictures must be mastered first before taking it to the digital world. (^-^)/

    Anyway, thanks for your comment and encouragement!

    I hope more people will allow themselves to draw out their imaginations!

    It’s a great wonder how people can expand their imagination..

    Well then — Thanks again!

  25. Yes, that correct 😛
    You will have to keep it up because someday folks like me will get old. We have to count on the next generation like yours.

    Keep up the drawing and good work and don’t EVER give up your dream!
    PS I will also include you link. Thanks

  26. *Salutes*

    I will not stop drawing even until my hands decay! (Laughs)

    Before I ever stop drawing, I pledge that I shall have lots of students following me in my foot steps to manga art!


    This is so corny.. Pardon me.

  27. sheep : and dont worry i think your drawings are just fine XD and they are good so dont worry bout the stiffness i like your drawings expressions remember ? xD im gonna work on the tutorial now using your art XD

  28. idrawgirls.com : thank you for coming to our website ^^ and you do have really nice artworks i would really love to see more XD and i might be able to pick up with the mixture of colors learning from your website too XD thnx alot ^^

  29. Dear Mira

    Thanks for the encouragement. (^-^)/

    Good luck in your next tutorial!

  30. […] First Step to Drawing Your Very Own Manga Character! […]

  31. […] First Step to Drawing Your Very Own Manga Character! […]

  32. hi u smell

  33. tht was a joke yr art is gr8

  34. i love all manga art its cool 😀

  35. Wau it really works!! ^^
    I drew a female and male chara, but couldn’t get the shoulder part><
    Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial~~
    And more tutorial onegaiiiiiii *puppy eyes* XD

  36. Thanks Jessii.. ^^ll

    Well SJ…

    There will be more tutorials soon. So make sure you bookmark this blog.

    Otherwise, I don’t know how I can inform you once a new tutorial is up..

  37. Hi!
    My name is Jessika!

  38. *waves back*

    How may I help you?

    (that’s if you come back)


  39. […] already taught you how to draw the face and create facial expressions in my previous tutorials. Now, we’re going to draw a full body […]

  40. This tutorial is so helpful! Thank you so much for posting it! 🙂

  41. You’re welcome, Ms. Pat. (n_n)v

  42. Should i try drawing couples ? XD by the way show me more of your art XD the effects are good XD

  43. This tutorial is cool and totally easy to follow, i tried it and its easy. Thanks for posting it, it totally help my art and makes drawing fun. Thanks loads

  44. […] already taught you how to draw the face and create facial expressions in my previous tutorials. Now, we’re going to draw a full body […]

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