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  1. […] Drawing Facial Expressions for Your Manga Character! […]

  2. […] Drawing Facial Expressions for Your Manga Character! […]

  3. Link Updated for both tutorials*

    P/s : Alert me when you change link , otherwise the link on the other side will be destroyed without me noticing =S

  4. Dear Saru-chan

    Ok, I’ll inform you if there’s any changes made.

    Thanks for supporting us!

  5. heheheh cute i like it😄 the ‘ w ‘ face is the cutest lol😄 ehhehhe nice tutorial

  6. Thank you~!

    Wonder if this tutorial is helpful to others…

  7. […] Drawing Facial Expressions for your Manga Character zeigt auf, wie die verschiedenen und recht typischen Manga-Gesichter gemalt werden können. Glückliche, wütende, traurige und katzenhafte Gesichter und ihre Entstehung. […]

  8. it is helpful😄 so dont worry lol

  9. Very cute tutorial. I love the expressions you created.

  10. It’s very helpful. I love the ‘w’ face!

  11. Thanks everyone!

    I hope to post my next tutorial soon!

    Thank you~! (Cries)

    If you have any special request on what you want to learn, do let me know and I’ll try to come up with something for you and everyone!

  12. […] PS: So you wanna learn how to draw facial expressions for manga characters — for real? Check out my tutorial then → Click here. […]

  13. […] already taught you how to draw the face and create facial expressions in my previous tutorials. Now, we’re going to draw a full body for your lovely manga […]

  14. Thanks for the material you have displayed! It was very helpful!

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