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Bleach Cosplay Pictures!

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Bleach Cosplay Pictures!

Final Fantasy Cosplay Pictures!


21 Responses

  1. (dies from the awesome cosplay pics)

    For some reason Gin cosplayers scare me.. I dunno why..
    I still hate Hinamori and her patheticness more so as she will most prob be the one to literally stab hitsugaya in the back.

    And… and.. when I saw the first Rangiku.. I went BOOBS!!

  2. (extra comment) Kid Nell Tu is so cute

    and.. I just realised that you arranged the pics of the captains and vice-captains according to their divisions…AWESOME WORK!!!

  3. Dear Li Shan/Mau-chan

    Yea, I arranged the pictures according to their divisions. But I forgot to label them. (Abuses self)

    Perhaps when I have some time later, sheep will label them. (_ _)

    The Nell Tu kid is so adorable! I bet a lot of people want to kidnap her!

    I like the 6th and 7th cosplay picture of Shuuhei. Looks so much like him… (is killed by Mau-chan)

    6th & 7th picture of Kuchiki-taichou = Kudos!

  4. Woah!! (o____o) that’s clearly a lot of pictures…….of Bleach cosplay…….SPAM!!! -runs for it…….- hehehehehe intresting though…..certain cosplayers are exactly like the characthers themsleves……hohoho time to curi gambar for my collection……..(o_____o)

  5. *stunned*
    Awesome and Talented Cosplayers …

    Lawl ~

    Picture Overload !!! O.O “”

  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Dear Daisuke

    I’m amaze too! How do they cosplay so well!?

    They really make fantasy come to life!

    !! rejoice !!

    Dear Saru-chan & Pixy

    (O_O) *widens own eyes too*

  8. I agree… Asian cosplayers are awesome!

    I don’t really like Western cosplayers but the — I try not to be bias. (Laughs)

    I don’t mind the Western cosplayer for Byakuya. (^-^)/

    Sorry, I can’t remember where I found that picture. And I’m certain I’ve not come across any Rukia cosplay photos with that logo.

    If I ever manage to find them, I’ll post it up.

    For now.. Sorry. (Tears)

  9. Thanks for the tip mate.

    The next time I post up cosplay pictures, I shall put up their anime pictures as comparison.

    Thanks a lot!

    If I by chance manage to find any cosplayers from that group [Blue Storm], I’ll email you.

  10. Those are excellent pictures of Bleach cosplay!!

    The Gin cosplayers were very good o__o;; I didn’t think it was possible to like… pull off his face that well xD

    The Asian cosplayers were good, and I thought the Western cosplayers were good too. I mean, SURE they don’t look like the characters, but the effort shows.
    So kudos to them :3

    Ahaha, I’m getting a lot of ideas from looking at the Rukia ones though, because I’ve been told by many people that I look (and apparently act -.-) like her xD

    so again, thanks! :]

  11. *nods* people tell me that it’s because of my hairstyle that makes me look like rukia xD

    but yeah. i noticed that her eyebrows are a bit different from the others o.0

    and arigatou for the luck haha.
    i’m not sure if i will make it into doing a good cosplay of her though xD
    my friend and i are attempting to make the costume instead of buying them… but hopefully, that’ll go okay *sweat drop*

  12. Whaa my thing got messed up x__x;;

    Anyways, I meant to say that I don’t know any Korean conventions, sorry to say D:

    http://www.animecons.com/ might have some info though :3

    And as for the sites, thank you so much! Heh. And then, somehow, my question about Nico Robin got through… stupid computer *kicks*

  13. Ah, I used to play Gaia, but I decided to quit after I realized that I needed to pay more attention to my studies ><

    Well, if it’s of any help, this is my first time cosplaying, so I probably won’t do that well *sweat drop*

  14. Haha. I guess I’m just nervous about the outcome that’s all, xD

    Have you ever done cosplaying before though? :3

  15. Oooooh, that’s pretty spiffy ­čśÇ

    Akatsuki is awesome >w<

  16. Aya san tadaima ^_^

    About my cosplay project you can see it here -LINK REMOVED-
    The left is me on my daily cloth and to the right is the character I’m going to cosplay. I will need to style my hair, wearing make such as eyeliner and other stuff later ^_^

    Aya san, could you please delete that pic of me link later after you see it?

  17. Yo.

    Thanks for showing the picture to me.

    Looks like you’ll need to use some powder to match up to Sasuke’s skin tone.

    That’s just my opinion.

    When are you going to cosplay?

  18. I need a better camera & photographer to get a better lightning since my skin originally not that dark [ that pic taken with low resolution webcam ]. I will cosplay on December this year, Aya san you really should cosplay too since you are resembles many Anime characters, it is not that expensive to cosplay while you will have tons of fun especially when you can make plenty of friends with cosplay ^_^

  19. Oh no, I’m not keen to do cosplaying.

    I don’t want to give the characters a bad name with my hideous looks. (Laughs)

    So before December comes, you have to prepare your costumes and props.

  20. […] Bleach Cosplay Pictures! […]

  21. Please don’t take compliments from Proud Asian.

    This man is a racist, a bigot, and just pathetic.
    Google “ProudAsianGuy” and too see all the crap he left over the net. The guy is an Otaku to the extreme, he has been banned from every forum he signed up to, because he will always go on about Asian Cosplay and post the exact same pictures of Model Cosplay over and over!

    His rule is that non-Asians should not cosplay
    His rule is that Asians should not cosplay non-anime based characters.

    He is truly a pathetic human being.

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