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Final Fantasy Cosplay Pictures!

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The following entries can be found here:

Bleach Cosplay Pictures!

Final Fantasy Cosplay Pictures!


10 Responses

  1. U~wa ~~ !!!

    Favorite (from the most 1st) : Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, Rinoa,

    Fu lao ..

    Pretty lor the girls and the cosplay costumes …

  2. Eyes asplode….. THANK YOU FOR THE PICS!!!

    Is it scary that I prefer cosplayer Kadaj than real Kadaj?

  3. Dear Pixy

    I like the 3rd, 5th and 6th picture of Aerith.
    Vincent as a turk cosplayer is also outstanding and magnificent. I like all of Yazoo’s cosplay pictures too.

    They are all so stunning!!!

    … A~ah! Pixy!

    Stop drooling on your keyboard!


    Dear Mau-chan

    Cosplay Kadaj looks better than the actual character. This I agree with Mau.

    I don’t know why though. (Laughs)

    While searching for awesome pictures, I came across with some pictures that made me wanna puke.

    Here’s one for instance:

    *Warning! You might suffer of eye injuries.. Especially if you are a fan of Vincent Valentine*

  4. Man .. this people are so talented !! and they really look-alike compared to the Original Characters !

    Awesome …

  5. @Baa-kun

    I loled

  6. (o____o)….-admires the creativity, detailed and the cuteness of all the cosplay pictures….-

    Hohohohohhoho!! more pictures for my collection….i really admire the creativity and the detailed closeness of the cosplayers…..to the orignal characthers…..really impressive…..especially the cuteness of the Yuffie and Tifa cosplayers……(o______o)……give more!! from other animes or games….i command thee!! hehehehehehehehe……

  7. Does anyone here think that Mira can cosplay as Tifa?

    Because I believe she can! (Laughs)

  8. Sheep chan>> Mira as Tifa???…….-Imagines………- Oh crap!!! the mental image is stuck…..(o_____o””)…..not that i’m saying she can’t but………..that would be weird……don’t take this as a discrimination…..or anything…

  9. Then you better hope that she will never read this. (Laughs)

    I think Mira can. She has long straight hair. Maybe with a bit of make-up and some photo editing, she can pull through.

  10. Sheep chan>> (o______o””)……okaay….no comment……

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