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WWF Malaysia [World Wildlife Fund]



18 Responses

  1. This is, without any doubt, a very laudable cause. I also make small monthly contributions to Green Peace, I know this is a very small thing to do and I shouldn’t be bragging about it, still, if we can “infect” more people with our wishful thinking then we can feel acomplished for we’ve done our part.

    I’m gonna contribute with this cause posting something related in my blog^^. Hope every blogger who’s reading this can join us too. Thanks for being so proactive Ayacchi^^!

  2. Sheep chan…first off i think u have been another victim of a scam…..(i’m not joking…) it’s lucky that u’re not at that age to make that payment yet…..i was also approched by them too at one time….asking for the simillar kind of payment….just think about it……which sort of organization would ask you to pay through your bank account…..?? let alone using your very own personal bank account……if i intend to support the organization…..i could do so by many ways…..like donating directly to them by either cash or cheque……or become a voluntary worker or member….of the organization…..you can’t just simply give the bank account to another person….and say you can donate as much as you like…..chances are….with your bank account they can hack into it…..and steal all of it…..cause they have your account number…..but don’t get me wrong i’m not against the organization…..but there are many con men out there…..who could just claim they are from an organization……and think of many ways to get money……so yea….i’m not an anti-nature sort of person……

  3. Note: I neglect to inform this to everyone..
    The WWF member asked me, “How many children do you have?”
    “Your children can join our events…”
    I was like — (O[]O)lll

    Seriously, am I that old-looking? (Cries) (;__; )

    Dear Rocketd-hun

    “if we can “infect” more people with our wishful thinking then we can feel accomplished for we’ve done our part.”

    You got a point there. If only a handful of us contribute, our achievements will be futile.

    Baa… How can we spread the virus… (Thinks)

    Oh yes, thanks a lot for dedicating an entry about this!!!

    Dear Daisuke
    I was taken aback at first when he approached me.
    Especially when he mentioned that the payment/donation has to be made via credit card or bank accounts only.

    Furthermore, even though we choose to donate the minimum amount through credit card, we still pay extra for the interest, right?

    Anyway, if he was out to scam me, my age wouldn’t have mattered right? (Laughs)

    Thanks for your concern and warning, Daisuke. I’ll be careful to whom I open my wallet to. (^-^)v

  4. No problem!, this was very inspiring for me^^.

    Guess what?, you already infected someone^^.

  5. Hi~~ya !

    WWF is a very positive organization, and I cheer it up ! And hopefully, they are not the only ones.

    There are a lot of way to act advantageously for the earth, a simple example is the internet; did you knew that there are ecological and non-ecological providers ? In some way we act non-ecologicaly because of our habits.

    About your age, I used to work for an opinion polls agency and it was a must of to ask number of children even if the girl / boy was 14 years old, they could have children “accidentaly”, how sad. I hate opinion polls.

    By the way, what is your favorite animal ?

  6. *hugs Rocketd-hun’s legs again*

    Dear Mr. Circle

    I agree. There are many ways to support and contribute to saving our planet.

    For instance: Recycling, instead of burning our stash of rubbish — we can bury them, observe animal rights, substitution… etc.

    Wow… Even 14 year old teenagers beat me in getting laid. (Laughs) Not that I’m hard-up for.

    Why do you hate opinion polls? Isn’t it interesting?

    My favourite animals are …

    Dogs, deers, sheep (rams and lambs too!), ducks, platypus… I like mostly mammals. (Laughs)

    Speaking of animals, I had always wanted to save turtles since I was toddler. I remembered I had an encyclopedia and there was a chapter discussing about turtles extinction.

    So sad! Turtles and tortoises are so harmless!!! Why would anyone want to hurt them?!

    Months ago, I saw a headless tortoise being sold in a wet market. It looked exactly like my kura (tortoise). I was quite angry and wanted to scold the seller but held back. I thought that if he was selling any live tortoise, I would buy them in order not to let other cooks get them.


    Sorry for the windbag of diarrhea. (- -)

  7. As I said, I worked almost 6 months in an opinion polls agency and there was a poor work quality, a lot of pressure due to quota (sometimes we had to have 100 validate polls in only 4 hours with a 2~3 minutes long poll), I was doing my work corectly but I can’t say as much for everyone else. I think there is a 30% of errors, but there were mistakes with the checkers also which “translates” the validate polls, so we can’t say polls are correct until people answer it by themselves.
    Besides this, there are peoples which are making fun of answering wrong and people which don’t understand.

    In top of this, politcs, etc… can falsify polls easily.

    Turtles are cute ! But their lifestyle is very hard, even very far from civilisation their eggs are a perfect lunch for birds.

    Do you know about animal liberations ? It’s a boudhist usage, people buy animals and then liberate them into the wild, it’s nice from the people and it must be beautiful, I never saw one outside videos.

    Well, it was obvious that you’d love sheeps ! (Laughs) I guessed for the dogs too ! Hey, my nickname was the french translation of “Duck”, it’s called “Canard”, it was my french teacher which gave me that name, she was a very kind person as much as I can remember.

    Well, I hope turtles won’t extinct, giant turtles too. I was looking for some information and I found this picture, I found she is beautiful ! (Wants to hug the turtle)

  8. Ok, I get your frustration. Some people tend to simply give silly and imprecise answers which can cause the survey to be ruin and inaccurate.

    Furthermore, serious decisions are usually concluded base on survey and polls results of the citizens.

    People can be idiotic at the most crucial times!

    Yea.. I’ve watched videos on animal liberation.

    Here’s one video that Mau-chan asked me to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adYbFQFXG0U

    Truly beautiful and touching. Makes me want to adopt a lion too. (Laughs)

    Canard is the French word for duck? (Laughs) That’s cute. Why did your teacher call you a duck? (.___.)

    Regarding the picture, a~w.. It looks sleepy. But nonetheless, cute!


  9. Ohhh~~~ ! This video is really moving, these people are very kind. And the lion is so cute ! (*w*)

    Well, about this nickname, it’s a bit tricky… my last name contains the name of a tree like in the famous champagne brand “Canard Duchêne”, ‘chêne’ is the french word for ‘oak’, “du” is a preposition, but I can’t explain what a preposition is in a few row, and I would be a pitiable teacher ! (Gomen !)
    On top of that, my name also have a preposition, not ‘du’ (same u as in ‘pure’) but ‘de’ (pronounce the ‘e’ like the word ‘a’), so my name is somethin like “De-[name of a tree]”, and it is pretty similar to “Du-chêne”.

    So my teacher gave me that nick, but in my memories she said it was a writer’s name. I think she was kind and said it to overcome my french difficulties, or maybe she had a problem with alcohol ! (Laughs)

    Well, I hope you got it, if you got you, congrats ! (Cheers)

    However, I think nobody can understand what I said, haha. (Depress)

    More cutie pictures our gentle actions ?

    Everyone : What was your best moment in your life with an animal ? (even if it seems insignificant, no matter, just say your best moment)

  10. I got your meaning well.

    You meant that if you break up your name from Duchêne, chêne by itself means ‘Oak’.

    Combining ‘du’ and ‘chêne’ would make another word. However, there’s another way of pronouncing ‘du’ which is ‘de’, a tree.

    All in ‘du-chêne’ = Oak Tree!

    Canard Duchêne = Duck Oak Tree? (Laughs)

    (@_@) I think I’m just repeating what you have just stated. (Laughs) Sorry.

    Quote: What was your best moment in your life with an animal ? (even if it seems insignificant, no matter, just say your best moment)

    I had a lot of moments with animals when I was a kid. Mostly with dogs that didn’t belong to me. (Laughs)

    However, currently — I enjoy having Auwlithe as my companion. The other day, my mother and I saw a small deco of swing. My mother said it would be romantic to sit in it and I told her that I would love to sit in it and have Auwlithe, my dog, sitting opposite of the swing.

    My mum choked and told me that I’m hopeless — or something like that.

    She was implying that people would love the companionship of their love one while I… choose to sit with my dog in the swing..

    I mean — sure, I love to have someone. Unfortunately, I don’t have a single or any important guy in mind at all. (Laughs)

    Am I being a windbag of diarrhea again?

    !! runs away !!

  11. (Laughs)

    Well… My explanation was the worst… ><

    In fact my name is Defresne, “fresne” is another tree’s name, and “de” is a preposition like “du”, which are meaningless (yet you could probably translate it “from”, but is not a correct translation) So, De-fresne and Du-châne are pretty similar, because these are two preposition followed by a tree name.

    So, Canard Duchêne could mean = Duck from the Oak.

    I hope I did it right this time ! (Laughs)

    I don’t have a lover too, actually I’m with a girl but I can’t love her, I think she’s aware of it, maybe you think I’m cold-hearted now ! (Laugh clumsily) Anyway, if she ask me if I love her, I won’t lie, I’m not a liar.

    Maybe Auwlithe would be frightned to be in a swing, ain’t he ? You should go in a swan with him, he would feel safer !

  12. Hmph, I kinda agree with Daisuke’s earlier post…smells like a scam to me, kinda. Dont get me wrong, it sounds like a great and noble cause but the situation makes it seem shady.

    I’m all for making contributions for such causes but I’m not so much into it as that I’ll commit for contribution each month. I’ll donate when I can spare the $$$. )Xd

    …ok, so I’m not that good of a person.

    But glad to read that you are though. XD

  13. Sheep chan….>> Believe meh such a pyament…has scam written all over it……it’s just like the get rich scheme…..u get rich….as u invest more…….but what do u get in return?? a great BIG financial loss………and yea….age at times matter…cause at first glance he/she may view u as either poor or rich….through the way u dress…….the richer the better……

  14. I don’t get it, arn’t there insurance on your credit cards in your country ? There, if you’ve been scamed using your credit card you’re insured, however if you gave your cash, no insurance. So I find it is a funny idea to scam people through credit cards but it may be different in your country. If there are no insurance, how can you buy things on the internet withouth fearing to be theft ?

  15. Well whatever the intentions were — I did not fork out any money in the end.

    If they were genuine, that’s great. Otherwise, some day they will pay for their misdeeds.

    Dear Mr. Circle

    Yes, we do have credit cards. But I’m not sure about the insurance policy.


    PS: Regarding that girl of yours, it’s best to come clean. Nobody likes suspense especially for the worst.

  16. Hey, BIG UP for the article promoting WWF Malaysia.

    I had the priviledge of experiencing some of the wild side of Malaysia once, 10 years ago now, when I went to the Taman Negara national park.

    Malaysia is an amazing country, and the rainforest was mind-blowing, just teeming with life. So much sound, too… by comparison the British countryside utters barely a whisper.

    IDEA: One way for ‘underage’ people to support WWF Malaysia is to buy their merchandise… Christmas is coming soon, etc.!

  17. Dear Mr. Jason

    Thanks for dropping by and giving a brilliant idea.

    Malaysia is rich in flora and fauna. But the people are not observing the law and they keep harming mother nature in every way possible.


  18. It’s nice to note young kids making a point about our wildlife & environment. I had to travel around as i researched for my travel guide the places aimed basically, more at ecotourism. I was disappointed to see how some places were not taken care where it looked bad for travellers. However, nature has created my awareness to add climate changes & wildlife extinction. So my travel guide would not look different from others but perhaps awake our inner self to do something about the environment & provide assistance to wildlife organisations. Keep it up, mate!

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