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How to Draw a Full-Body for Manga Characters

PaperDiaries Has Moved!

All drawing tutorials can be found here:

Rookie’s Guide to Drawing a Male Manga Character

How to draw a full body for manga characters

Guide to Japanese Text Emoticons and Chibi Facial Expressions!

Drawing Facial Expressions for Your Manga Character!

First Step to Drawing Your Very Own Manga Character!


9 Responses

  1. […] How to Draw a Full-Body for Manga Characters […]

  2. sugoi ne sheep ^^ you always thought me those methods and im still trying T.T ehehehhe nice one XD

  3. […] How to Draw a Full-Body for Manga Characters […]

  4. You rock! For the first time in my life, I FORMED FINGERS CORRECTLY!

  5. Dear Ms. Pat

    That’s great!

    You sound like you had a rough time drawing the fingers. I remember how I use to stab myself in the chest whenever I had to draw the fingers. It was so blady hard so I always ended up hiding the fingers in the pocket..
    Or purposely draw a long sleeve kimono… (Laughs nervously) (_ _)lll

    Does anyone do this, I wonder.

    Anyway, I learned this method through a book and it certainly helped me out.

    Therefore, it’s only fair for me to share it with everyone else.

    With that said, Ms. Pat…

    To your success in drawing manga! \(^w^)/

  6. and i shall practice practice and practice. but i still dont know how to make the positions right T.T

  7. Hiya !

    I love your drawings, is the one where you compare hand’s length and face’s length is a self-portrait ? It’s my favorite one , it is so cuuute !

    Positions are great, but don’t you think the one with the guitar will find her instrument a bit heavy grasping it like that ? (Laughs)

    I’m impatient for the next tutorials, I wonder how you’d draw guys. Wanna me to be yar model ? Nahhh jokin’ ! I wonder how you’d draw me if I send you a pic’.

    Well, about drawing, what do you think of a ‘Join the Dotted Line’ game with Mira and other people ?

  8. Oh, and yeah, draw bikinis ! bikinis ! Haha, I love the way this word sounds. Moare bikini girlz please ! (Laughs)

  9. Thanks for you compliments, Mr.Circle. (^x^)/

    Now that you point that out.. Ya… The one with the guitar does not tally properly. (Gasps)

    Soon, I’ll post a tutorial on how to draw male characters followed by how to compose a character according to personality wise.

    Join the dotted line game.. Mmm.. I’ve already planned to set up another game here.. But I’ll give this a thought later.


    Bikini… Now how do I draw that? (Tears)

    *Sheep is lousy in drawing bikinis*

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