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About Us

About The Girls


Ms.Aya and Mira Lee in chibi form~!

Ms.Aya and Mira Lee in chibi form~!


Aya (commonly known as ‘Sheep’) and Mira previously blogged at skinnychopsticks and baaaa.wordpress.com. However, thanks to Aya’s ‘deleting frenzy habits”, the old blogs are now officially DEAD. (Poor Mira)

The both has been best friends for nearly 11 years now and still actively keeping in touch despite living in different states. Mira still remains in the big city while Aya has moved to a smaller town in another state.

But with the help of today’s technology -namely the Internet-, the girls are able to catch up with one another and share their experiences through blogging. Also, they are able to share their stories, knowledge and opinions with everyone else!

By the way, they are NOT lesbians!



Ms.Aya (The Sheep)

Ms.Aya/Stray Sheep


Aya can be a confusing and misunderstood individual at times. Some may describe her as a polite and modest person with a rational mind, while others might describe her as difficult and extremely vulgar in her choice of words.

Perhaps she’s just picky about the people around her and knows how to fend off the ‘hyenas’ with the right words.

Aya’s pet name is ‘Sheep’ or ‘Baa-kun’. The reason why she’s called a sheep remains unclear.

Aya loves Japanese anime and manga as much as Mira does. (Currently she’s a HUGE fan of BLEACH). However, she seems to be more interested in the Japanese’s culture and lifestyle.

In most of her entries, she shares more about her daily encounters and she mostly questions about some topics that she fails to understand.

Famous quote: “Baa~♫”.



Mira Lee

Mira Lee

Mira Lee

Mira on the hand is usually more than prepared to make friends. With her playful and friendly attitude, she gets along fine only if you make the first move by talking to her. After that, you can hear her bursting with laughters even though you have yet to say a word. This has resulted Aya to labeling her best friend “The Laughing Machine”.

Then again, Mira isn’t one to simply consider any Dick, Tom and Harry as her friend. She does take her time to get to know a person deep and well enough to devote her trust and friendship to the fullest.

Mira’s main interest lies in anime/manga. She likes to draw and CG her artwork, unlike Aya who prefers her art to remain monochrome. Mira has created 2 CG tutorials by far (1st tutorial had 3 series and the 2nd was a one-shot).

With that, you can expect more awesome tutorials from the lovely Mira!

Oh, just so you know… This girl has lots of things to juggle so be patient if she doesn’t update her entries, ok?




Our email address: paperdiaries@hotmail.com

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Suppose you have anything to say or comment…

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It’s user-friendly and we do not restrict anyone from speaking.

However, if we perceive your comments as obscenely disturbing, we have the rights to remove them.

So are we clear here?




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