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Ms.Aya’s Biodata

Ms.Aya’s Personal Profile

Ms.Ayas current Avatar

Ms.Aya's current Avatar

Please take your cursor away from my face..

Please don't poke your cursor into my eyes...! <`A´>/

Real name: Ashley.

Nickname(s): Ash, Ms.Aya, Sheep, Baa-kun.

Gender: Female.

Blood type: O.

Date of birth: Middle of the year, middle of the month.

Horoscope/Zodiac: Gemini+Cancer, Dragon.

Animal image: Sheep.

Race: Chinese.

Religion: Catholic Christian.

Country: Malaysia.

Relationship status: Single but NOT AVAILABLE.

Interest(s): Folklore’s, ancient myths, foreign cultures, people’s blood type & horoscope.

Hobbies: Blogging, writing, reading, drawing, taking pictures, walking with Auwlithe, and collecting stickers + notebooks.

Likes: Being alone and quiet, houses and European buildings, doors, windows, tea sets, chilling climate and money.

Dislikes: Noises, talkative people, human traffic, family gathering/outing, hot climate and PEOPLE.

Type of guys I like: Only for him to know.

Guys I dislike: Hyenas.

My message to all: (Waves) Baa… I’ll be keeping you company through out this blog. Yoroshiku! <—ω—>v (Bows)


:: Brown Photo ::


– The End –


4 Responses

  1. i remember that flower pic ! it was from genting XD ahhhahahah XD

  2. Correct.

    It was taken in Genting. (^-^)/

  3. lol when we go on a trip lets take nice pics XD

  4. your really nice…

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