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Mira’s Biodata

I am chubby i know ! . XD

I am chubby i know ! >.< XD

Name: Mira lee

Age: 20

Date of Birth : Somewhere in December XD

Western Zodiac : Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac : Dragon (love it ^^ )

Country: Malaysia

Occupation : Customer Service Officer , and still a student going for classes~.

Gender: Female of course

Race: Chinese ( ya i am proud of it )

Relationship : Single

Interest : Manga, Anime, Listening to music, wants to play an electric guitar !, Lolita outfits, cosplayer’s,learning more about photoshop

Favorite colors : Purple, Black, White, Silver, and dark colors

Favorite food : Sushi, chawanmushi, spaghetti, pizza, and lots more

Favorite drinks : Tea, fruit drinks, iced Milo, ice blended chocolate.

Music : J-pop, J-rock, Sentimental songs, English songs, korean songs

Favorite band : The Gazette, TVXQ/ DBSK, U-verworld, Access, T.M Revolution, Linkin park, M2M

Favourite singer : Ayumi hamasaki, Yui, Ayane, Rie Fu, Tamaki Nami, Rie Tanaka, LeAnn Rimes, Kawada Mami and many more.

Types of food disliked: Fried and oily, egg yolks( hard boiled or fully cooked), starting to dislike eating chickens, fatty food o.o., bitter, tasteless.

Types of drinks disliked: Bitter herbs, too sweet, salty, hot (except hot chocolate), coffee, medicine.

What do i find annoying ? : Senseless noise in the morning, arguments between families, control of freedom even at the age of 20 =.=”, Show off people who knows nothing but act as if they know, bitchy faces, jerks who do not know how to treat a girl right, two timers who only know how to play with feelings.

Types of guys i like :

able to play an instrument, caring, kind, soft voiced, tall, brave and daring, lovable, hardworking and ya any fairytale or good manga boyfriends which i don’t think there is anymore in this world, or should i say hard to find. lol no one is perfect i know XD

Styles i like : Gothic, Lolita, elegant, pleasant looking colors. Anyone who has nice lolita pictures show them to me ^^ o.o

Styles i dislike : Messy, LaLa’s, spoiled colors, over striking colors which can turn you blind.


Wishes in life :

To have a good husband, maybe a nice family, being a successful person, to be able to support my mum next time and to enjoy life and its good times !

I always love my friends XD and have faith and trust in my close friends ^^

look out for my photoshop tutorials ^^Anything labeled in this blog BELONGS to this blog. No self-proclamation.

Arigatou gozaimasu ~

The sheep and I, I love this picture ^^

The sheep and I, I love this picture ^^ in Lolita outfit


5 Responses

  1. Mira-hun,

    Please define, “Senseless noise in the morning.”

    It sounds funny. (Laughs)

  2. ahahhaha really it does bother me especially when i had just woke up and listen to my mum shout or my bro making so much noise =.=”

  3. Oh, shouting.. I thought you mean one of those noises like “Bzzzzzzzzzz” or “Beeeeeeeeeeep.”

    Well.. How much noise can your brother make in the morning anyway? (.___.)

  4. got o.o i meant all the irritating noises you can ever listen too o.o

    he can open my door loudly and start talking, screaming =.=”

  5. Oh.. That… Your brother walks in to your room as if it’s his room.. He just burst in without any alarm!

    I’m aware of that. (Laughs)

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